Authors Spotlight: C R Delport

A Different Kind of Love by C R Delport


Lucy Campbell moves from Houston to Cincinnati to start a new job and a
new life. Falling in love was never part of the plan, but from the moment
she lays eyes on the handsome Paul Cunningham, she knows her plan has to

She has three problems though. Paul is her new senior manager. He has two
children, and she has a secret that she is reluctant to share. As their
relationship grows, she has to overcome her issues, but her secret
threatens to destroy her new-found happiness.

Will their love survive?

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About The Author C R Delport.


I am a South African born author. I am married to Raven and live with our 15 amazing dogs on a smallholding near Johannesburg. Apart from my love for writing, I also play golf, fish, and love gardening.
I first started writing when I was still in school. I always got very creative with my story essays and received good marks from my teachers. For a while I studied to be a journalist, but circumstances worked in such a way that I got involved with IT instead. I always wanted to write a book, but never got around to doing it. A few years ago I got every stressed in my day job, and my doctor recommended that I find something to relieve the stress. I started writing again. I started with a story idea and it just grew. It soon grew in what would become the first book in my Arora Saga. After I wrote the first draft, someone suggested to me I should tell the stories of the South African military men of the 80s. I started doing research and talked to a lot of soldiers that were there. I took a few creative writing courses, and an editing course, and soon the first book in my Army Chronicles series saw the light here on Smashwords and the feedback was very positive. I decided to rewrite the Arora book, and soon afterwards the first book in the series, White River Calling was published here on Smashwords. Now I am already busy with my fourth book and still have many ideas for more books. I love it!

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