Authors Spotlight: G & R Robson

London Large book 1; Blood on the Streets by G&R Robson


The thrilling novel of crime, punishment and vengeance by Garry and Roy Robson.
A double murder
Two socialite sisters are murdered in plain sight in the heart of London. The killer is gunned down by the police. No one on planet earth can identify the killer; nor understand why the sisters were murdered.
A gang war
As gang war erupts on the streets of London Detective Inspector Harry ‘H’ Hawkins is sent to investigate. He links the warring factions to a high level establishment conspiracy; and the conspiracy to the murder. And then his partner is kidnapped.
A race against time
H is a hardened copper, but uncovers truths that chill even him to the bone. If he is to save his partner and avenge his best friend he knows that every second counts…..

Top Customer Reviews

I consumed Blood On The Streets in a day. It gripped me in chapter one, careered me around London, ducking the gunfire and absorbing a new character that, I’m sure, will become as familiar as Harry Bosch and Jack Reacher. “H” Hawkins is the (imaginary) love child of Jack Regan and Jane Tennyson. An old school copper who has scant regard for political correctness and villans’ human rights. He’s deeply flawed and has relationship issues. But he picks you up, straps you in and takes on a roller coaster ride through the seamier faces of South London and its characters. The book is a story about now. Last month, news headlines screamed about the Police losing areas of London to the Eastern European gangs and organised crime. This month we have an insight into that world with Blood On The Streets.
I’m looking forward to see how Harry Hawkins develops and where the London Large franchise will go


Fast paced gritty thriller sometimes brutal and not for the squeamish but an exciting read – if you enjoy in your face rhetoric and action with a topical twist and an interesting link up from past conflicts.

Clever credible plot and story line with an original link up of characters –far better than your usual average cops and villains caper.

Believable heroes pitted against nasty baddies that you’re happy to hate – when some get their thoroughly deserved come uppance via violent demise the reader’s inner vengeance can be forgiven for hoisting a silent cheer.

A very authentic tale with a good eye for detail and London life as it can happen.

Would not be a single bit surprising if one day this novel became a film – easy to imagine it smashing along at enormous pace in the manner of the Jason Bourne Trilogy


London Large is an awesome old-school crime thriller that you can get your teeth into. Our protagonist is Detective Harry Hawkins is the loose-cannon, doesn’t suffer fools type from years gone by that seem to be making a long overdue return these days. The writing is as you’d expect for a book like this, sparse enough to let the action and dialogue do its job without cluttering up the page with unnecessary adjectives. A nice pacey plot gets going early on and I was carried along nicely so that I felt the just-a-few-more-pages syndrome that you only get with really gripping books. Glad to see this is the first in a trilogy so I can’t wait to read what Harry gets into next.


I know the author, Roy, personally, so was a bit hesitant to read “London Large” in case I had to pretend to like it. Happily my fears were unfounded as it turned out to be a compelling crime thriller, that got me hooked from page one and kept me enthralled right to the explosive conclusion.

Harry Hawkins, ‘H’ to his friends, is an old-school copper on the mean streets of south London. He is an ex-soldier, and lives a hard drinking, hard living existence. He gets caught up personally in a drug war between rival East European gangs when he gets called to a bloody murder scene. H will stop at nothing to catch the killers – he’s not scared of them, or of breaking the law himself if it brings justice to those who deserve it.

I loved the short chapters, and “just one more” for me rapidly turned into a 50 page session. It’s a gritty, brutal story, but is also very funny in places. H’s own personal life, with his demons from the past, and his dysfunctional family, are also integral to this complex plot.

It’s a standalone story, but I look forward eagerly to finding what happens next in what will be a trilogy, as the authors have cleverly left a few tantalising loose ends.

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London Large (book 2) Bound by Blood by G & R Robson


A gritty gangster thriller

When pop superstar Bazza Wishbone is murdered in the dead of night at a top London hotel, the whole world looks on in horror. Inspector Harry ‘H’ Hawkins, only just back at work after a mental and physical breakdown, investigates the crime in the only way he knows how; he embarks on a full-blooded search for the truth.

But the truth can be brutal

As the murder investigation gathers pace H discovers his own son has been sucked into the dark world of organised crime.

A traumatized young man; and a traumatized father

H’s hard-boiled instinct is to fight, to protect the things he loves. But when his son becomes his enemy his world view is shattered.

How can son be turned against father?

H’s gripping mission is no longer a search for a killer; but a quest to save his boy, and exact a terrible vengeance against the man who has corrupted him. And his search is a search for a deeper truth, a truth that will stretch family loyalty – and the love of a father for his son – to its very limits.

Blood Is Thicker than Water…Or Is It?

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About The Authors: Garry and Roy Robson.


Roy and Garry Robson are, unsurprisingly, brothers from the Elephant and Castle, south east London.

Their father (variously a pig farmer, cab driver, haulage contractor and general ducker and diver) and mother (homemaker, cook and doctor’s receptionist with a well timed left hook) raised them and their siblings with some old fashioned south London working class values. These included hard work, respect for their elders and a willingness to duck and dive when required.

One day, whilst enjoying a beer or two, they decided to write a Crime Thriller Series. They awoke the next day and were surprised to discover that they meant it.

Roy lives in Bromley and works as a Service Delivery Manager for an International IT Consultancy. Garry lives in Krakow and is now, of all things, a sociology professor. Both career choices served as a source of confusion and humour to their parents, who were born and raised in the days before computers and sociology professors existed.

Harry ‘H’ Hawkins, the protagonist of the London Large novels, is not based upon Garry or Roy, neither of whom would survive the first chapter of a Harry Hawkins novel.

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