Authors Spotlight: Ken Fry

Suicide Seeds by Ken Fry (An Amazon #1 Bestseller)


How far will people go for fame and fortune? And at what cost?

A genetically modified seed was developed by a western GM seed company, NewCrop, to end the famine in West Africa. Lloyd Olsen, one of their top executives, leaves everything behind to move to West Africa and head the company’s operation. If he succeeds, a CEO position would be more than just a dream.

Olsen was not informed that NewCrop plans to make West Africa a staging post for a large and highly suspect operation – The distribution of a non-seeding, nightmare crop… dubbed the Suicide Seed.

A seed that could stop the famine and feed the hungry millions…
But a seed that kills itself and all other natural seeds in its proximity…
Eventually devastating the continent’s agriculture, and wreaking havoc to its biodiversity.
Farmers would have no choice but to buy their yearly supply from NewCrop.

Either that, or starve and die.

Is this the beginning of the GMO Apocalypse?

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Top Customer Reviews

I was given this book as an ARC and as I had read one Fry book previously and thoroughly enjoyed it, I was looking forward to this new book with much anticipation. I was not disappointed. This is a thrilling expose of what can happen when Western Company’s move into developing markets, with their bribes, their corruption and their lies.
This story principally takes place in Gambia, West Africa, and involves the attempt by a British GM Firm to introduce a genetically modified rice into The Gambia, promising an end to poverty, hunger and disease in West Africa. Sound too good to be true, well, of course it is. I won’t give away any of the plot, suffice it to say, this thriller is right up there with the last Fry I read, The Brodsky Affair.
No question. This was a fantastic, must-read for all fans of the international, blockbuster, thriller genre. A great job Mr Fry.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Yet another beautifully crafted story from the busy pen of Ken Fry. There are really three stories being woven at the same time and the author keeps all the threads together very well. Fry’ s stories get better and better.


Format: Kindle Edition

Wow. Ken Fry did not disappoint with this fantastic novel. I read one of his previous works and enjoyed it, but not nearly as much as this one. On top of some excellent writing and a plot that will keep you ever guessing, the premise shows just how dangerous a society driven by greed for the sake of greed can be a threat to us all. To me, that was the most important realization. I’m not gonna discuss the book further because I do not want to distract from that message. Read this!


Format: Paperback

A really brilliant read, on a topical subject that could possibly happen! A great thriller with a strong content of murder, violence, crime and

love. Very well presented A must read!


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

really good thriller book that is hard to put down

The Brodsky Affair by Ken Fry


Lost Art. Murder. A collector who will stop at nothing.
In the tradition of Dan Brown and Robert Ludlum’s novels, The Brodsky Affair will keep you on the edge of your seat as Ken Fry weaves a tale of murder, mystery and intrigue.Jack Manton, an art dealer, and his partner, Tamsin Greene, did not expect to be targets of assassination attempts. But, when they began to track down the lost paintings of Russian artist, Mikhail Brodsky, now worth millions… that is what happened.

Berezin, a partially disabled, entrepreneurial Russian criminal, murderer and art thief, employs a deadly and vicious ex-Soviet agent, Vladimir Novikov, to follow Manton and use whatever means necessary to steal what he finds.

The chase moves from Australia to UK, to Russia and France, as Interpol attempts to unravel a complex trail of murders and art thefts.

Jack Manton faces a perilous path of murder and deceit, before Brodsky’s last unfinished work is revealed, and its destiny decided at a final confrontation

Top Customer Reviews

Format: Kindle Edition

This is a thrilling fiction twirling around an artist and the art-related arena.

The timeline of the plot stretches over a century, with a focus on the present time and WWII primarily. The characters in the story travel over several countries to hunt the paintings of a talented artist, who is heartbreakingly short-lived.

The author uses amazing word pictures to illustrate the scenes; the imagery is beautiful, with a meticulous buildup. However, it may appear to be impeding the story’s pace in the first portion of the book. Do not let it discourage you; stay with it. Once the story progresses, the speed picks up, it becomes a page-turner, and the climax reaches the end.

Mr. Fry pulls all aspects of the plot and characters indefatigably together to form an excellent book. I can envision this book being made into a movie.


Format: Kindle Edition

The feel of this book takes me back to the musty halls of the Hermitage Museum and the iron curtain mentality of the real Russia that still smoulders today. We are expertly pulled into this mood chapter one and never really get to crawl up out of it. The characters and plot – the mystery of Brodsky – kind of tumble in on top of us, abstract and disjointed at first, building and tightening as we crawl through the maze (walk the endless corridors of The Hermitage, the towering portraits of lives past eyeballing us)…. Yes, I found the setting here to be tremendously powerful. The mystery itself is classy and intelligent, and develops into a killer of a finale…. Try this one if you like your art-heist thrillers to be gritty, real, and steeped in history.


Format: Kindle Edition

This book was a thriller that truly did live up to the genre. From go to whoa, it was a book that carried you along on a tumultuous ride through the high-powered circles of the art elite.
Jack and Tamsin are determined to find and recover all of the lost “Brodsky” painting from the great 20th Century Russian painter who had died in a German Concentration Camp in World War II. Their journey takes them from England, to Australia, to Russia and finally to France, where they encounter wealthy, unprincipled art collectors prepared to kill and do whatever it takes to “own” a Brodsky.
A fantastic book that kept me riveted until the very last page. I will be looking at more from Fry. He is a vastly talented author.


Format: Paperback

Who knew art could be so dangerous? The main character, Jack Manton, sets off to find the paintings of a rather unknown Russian painter who didn’t survive World War II. But what seems like a routine research trip rapidly turns into an international chase where the winner get a chance to survive another day and the loser doesn’t. The action is fast-paced, but it’s a thrill for the reader to keep up. Ultimately, The Brodsky Affair sucks the reader in and doesn’t let you go until the very last page.

Is That You Jim by Ken Fry

Nobody would call Jim Beresford pitiful. He has a perfect life. All traces of his once miserable childhood has been erased and best forgotten. He is successful, popular, rich, with a beautiful wife and three daughters. They were the love of his life.

Jim had it all. Until one day, everything he’s ever worked hard for crumbles into dust.
Poor Jim. There’s only one thing left to do.

Top Customer Reviews

Format: Kindle Edition

As far as short stories go, this was a real winner from Ken Fry. Right from the start it was off and running. The style was almost staccato – quick point followed by quick point, not a style I’d seen used by Fry before. I don’t want spoilers, but rest assured, as with most short stories, there will be a nice twist at the end. A quick, satisfying read from an Author who’s novels I’ve come to admire very much. Good job!


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I’m not a great fan of short stories but read this as I have greatly enjoyed Ken Fry’s novels. It is a well-crafted story which kept my attention right up to the spooky ending.


Format: Kindle Edition

A totally different style for you Ken, but another great read and story content. I read it in one sitting! A great twist at the end it left me in a state of shock!

About the Author Ken Fry


Ken Fry is a bestselling author of suspense thrillers. He holds a university Master’s degree in literature and has extensively traveled around the world. The places and events are reflected in his stories and most of his tales are based on his own experiences.
He has had numerous jobs, ranging from a gravedigger to a publisher in a prestigious Anglo-American corporation. Additionally, he has owned a publishing business before deciding to follow his first love and interests in writing and reading.
He now lives alone in the UK and shares his home with ‘Dickens’ his Shetland Sheepdog.
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  1. I emailed my reply to your wonderful job. I am most grateful and washed away by the excellence of your approach… Thank yo so much.. you could not have done a better job. Best wishes,,,,Ken fry


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