Authors Spotlight: Jennifer Renson

Carousel by J.J.Renson


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After living in the countryside for years, Princio returns to his homeland, the tiny yet prosperous Kingdom of Lucca, upon the orders of his dying grandfather. Living alone in the annexed building next to the palace, Princio is discovered by the kingdom’s chief doll maker, Feletti, who purposely withholds his knowledge of Princio’s past in order to gain his trust and friendship. Princio believes Feletti to be a true friend until he meets Marian, a girl with a penchant for cooking and a natural curiosity, and their chance meeting in the kingdom’s carousel sets off a series of events with the potential to change everything. As Princio, Marian, and Feletti’s dark secrets begin to unfurl, their lives slowly come to light – as love hangs delicately in the balance…
Reviews excerpts:  “Feletti is nothing short of a haunting character! Sneaky, bitter, and ever elusive, you love to hate him. He steals every scene!” “Carousel by Jennifer Renson held me captive from the beginning to end. The pages were filled with an intriguing plotline that kept me hooked. The enchanting story sucked me into its depth.” “The author’s clean, innocent, forward “once upon a time” narrative makes the novella accessible for younger readers yet sophisticated enough for older readers. I would be delighted to see it as a graphic novel. I can only imagine what a gifted illustrator could do with all the rich imagery.” “What came next surprised me and had me rooting for both the prince and Marien…but until the dilemma was gone all would be chaotic.”

Delightfully Dark: A Collection of Poems and Tales by Jennifer Renson


“Delightfully Dark”, A Collection of Poems and Tales is the first published book of poetry by New Jersey native Jennifer Renson. Readers are invited into unpredictable poetic tales written through vivid characters and colorful settings from the Victorian Era, post apocalyptic Georgia, and the middle of nowhere. While some characters are reunited after unforeseen circumstances others are able to find inner strength, accept changes, and embrace the world around them. Photographs taken from beautiful up state New York accompany this thematic combination of fantasy and reality.

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Review excerpts: “I really enjoyed the descriptive writing Jennifer used, it truly was delightfully dark.”

Poetry by Jennifer Renson “EO”


Eo: Go, walk, ride, sail, pass, travel
“Eo” latin for “go, walk, ride, sail, pass, travel” is N.J native Jennifer Renson’s second book of published poetry. Leave your world behind and go on a journey through time and place. In “Eo”, we return to post apocalyptic Georgia where we follow a father and his thoughts about his son while a odd radio transmission is broadcasted. Friends follow a circus, as another returns home to the ideal cottage, and a spectator watches a world of creatures from a window in the clouds. Readers enter the minds of several characters in their own worlds, while exploring others. Smell the ocean air, absorb the sun and spend some quality time with the moon. As a special surprise the readers get to add their personal touch to the book. Stuck in traffic? Play a little tic-tac-toe. Traveling to somewhere new? Write it down and paste the pictures. Draw the constellations you feel from the plane window. Turn your daydreams into a poem of your own or two. Whether you travel by plane, train, bus, car, boat, horse, bicycle or foot, you can carry, inspirational and delightful poetry with you. Paperback and lightweight, this poetry book is ideal for all of your travels. Even if you are simply taking some time to yourself, be sure to take Jennifer with you.
Review excerpts: “Endless beauty, inspiration, and raw talent shine within this book. As a reader, I felt, myself drawn into other places. Every word felt like it was my own…that openness and raw form of writing by a poet is one that can’t be ignored. It beckons and calls me deeper into its heart.”

Unchartered by Jennifer Renson


Welcome to the unknown and unexplored in “Uncharted”, Jennifer Renson’s third book of poetry. Prepare to dive deep into the thoughts and dreams of several lives from a leader struggling to keep his group alive, to a dark horse deserving of a title, a lovesick London man, a water sprite, a man worthy of being called a Prince, and men of liberty. From tale to photograph be immersed in times almost forgotten as you trek through the uncharted roads ahead of your life.
Review excerpts: “The words are very descriptive and send you into the images that are portrayed by each sentence. Jennifer Renson is a talented poet whose poetry engulfs readers completely. Swallowing me whole. I felt the raw intensity of the emotions as I read through each page.”

About The Author: Jennifer Renson


I am a published writer, poet, public speaker, artist who wants to spread my work so that others can be inspired, find it relatable, and want to be motivated.

Since high school I had been involved in writing, poetry, literature, and free expression. These interests continued and I am proud to see that my work is seeing the light of day.

Currently my poetic works include: “Delightfully Dark” A Collection of Poems and Tales
“Eo” Go, walk, ride, sail, pass, travel

The poems range from themes of love and heartbreak, to finding answers, chasing dreams, to being inspired by AMC’s The Walking Dead, the Victorian Era, and Ancient Egypt.

I had the opportunity to meet actor/photographer/artist Norman Reedus at the Philadelphia Wizard Convention in June 2014 where he received the first copy of my first poetry book “Delightfully Dark”.

I was an extra in Chris Rockwell and The Stickball Social Club’s music video “We Don’t Play to Win”, I freelance write for Lost Treasure Magazine, received “Most Notable 2015 Recognizee” on 1-4-15, filmed and starred in #TWDSweeps Contest, and continue to participate in Open Mic events in the New Jersey area.

I look forward to the day when my books are on every store, library and bedroom shelf, shared, enjoyed and loved by everyone.

Don’t be afraid to say hello and tell me what you think of my work.

Be a deer and follow me for more information, updates, events, and more!

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