Authors Spotlight: April Cronin

The Savannah Slasher Series by April Cronin


Book 1 Icing The Competition

ITC Cover

Dean vows to do whatever it takes to win the game; Even if it means taking a risk and Icing the Competition, especially when the ultimate prize is the heart of the woman he loves!

Icing the Competition is the story of Dean Kirk, Captain of the NHL Savannah Slashers. Bound and Determined to take his team back to the finals and bring home the cup after watching it slip through his fingers the year before, Dean is focused like a laser beam on reaching his goals. He enjoys women from time to time, but with Stanley on the line, he has no interest in settling down.

And then he sees Abigal. One look at the flame haired beauty and Dean realizes there just might be something out there he wants more than the Stanley Cup!

Abigail Clement is basically the epitome of the girl next door. Beautiful, smart, and successful. With a job she loves, friends she couldn’t imagine being without, and an adoring boyfriend she’s crushed on since high school, Abby figures she has it all. What more could a girl want?

But a chance encounter with the sinfully handsome hockey star changes everything. With one steamy kiss, Dean takes hold of Abby’s perfect little snow globe and turns it upside down, shaking it up and stirring a little passion into the picture.

As Abby and Dean grow closer while working on a project together, Abby is forced to make a decision… who’s heart is worth breaking for a chance at true happiness?

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Book 2 Melting the Ice by April Cronin

mock 1

Can Donovan help his team win the Stanley Cup and melt the heart of the Ice Queen herself? Or will her past come back to haunt them both?

Donovan thought he’d found love once, but vicious rumors about infidelity, and seducing the wives of his teammates had caused undue stress on his relationship. After a mutual decision to end things, Donovan swears he’s done with women. At least for now. It was time to concentrate on what was proving to be the best season of his career and help captain his team to their first Stanley Cup Win.

Until an accident involving a drunk driver sidelines him, and throws him into the path of a beautiful albeit ornery emergency room nurse. She may have the face of an angel, but she’s the bedside manner of the devil himself!

And if Lacy’s bark doesn’t scare him off, perhaps the bite of her past will, or maybe her penchant for

being a self-professed man eater might do the trick!

As Donovan’s body heals and he leads his team to victory, will he sacrifice his heart to gain the trust of the one woman who could destroy him? Or will her past prove to be their undoing?

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When a terrible accusation threatens the relationship with the girl of his dreams, Peter must tread lightly to prove his innocence or risk losing it all!

Peter and the Slashers have just won the Stanley Cup, and as a means of celebration, before heading home to his native Russia, Peter’s gone and bought himself the motorcycle of his dreams. Cruising through a small town outside of Savannah, he stops at a local grocery store for lunch, and meets a woman with the power to bring him to his Russian knees!

Harmony is young, beautiful, and successful, she also doesn’t know when to shut up. And yet, the Russian Adonis leaves her tongue tied.

In what seems an easy romance, as Peter courts the outspoken goddess, and passion begins to flare, an innocent encounter with a fan turns into a dastardly accusation.

Old memories surface, clouding Harmony’s ability to trust that what Peter says is true. While he fights to maintain his innocence in the eyes of public opinion, Peter looks for a way to hold on to the woman he loves.

His cup is tainted, his celebration over, and with his career on the line, will he lose the girl as well?

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About the Author: April Cronin


I am currently a stay at home mother where I professionally wrangle two little boys, and spend my free time reading and writing. I am also an ebook novelist. On average, I’d say I probably read 2-3 books a week, and as of today, I’ve written 5 of my own novels in 2016. My first, Contractual Attraction is available with several ebook retailers, and in October I plan to release a 3 book series about Hockey and romance. My fifth book, a romantic suspense, will be available sometime in 2017. And I have several other projects in the works. I like to blog as well, and am in the process of doing a string of posts centered on a little light erotica! I love talking to and meeting new people, and I hope to achieve both with my writing. While I’d love to be a best seller and make a few bucks in the process, I’m really in it to entertain. I know the industry is stiff and hard to break into, so if I could just entertain even a few dozen people, I’d be happy. I have these dreams, these stories that just need to be told, and characters that demand I write down what they say… call me crazy, but it’s just something I have to do.

Other Work by April Cronin: Contractual Attraction


An arranged marriage?

Powerful, successful, and sinfully handsome Jonathan Kane, had no idea that such things even still existed! And why had no one mentioned before now that his fate had been sealed? How could his beloved grandmother, his only remaining relative, have hidden something so detrimental to his happiness from him for this long?

Well, he’d be damned if he would consent to it! No one, not even his frail little granny was going to force him to wed a woman he’d never met!

Except that, if he didn’t marry the little gold digger, he risked losing his family’s fortune! As the only heir to a company that amounts to empire of wealth, if Jonathan refuses to marry the lethal beauty, he shall be forced to forfeit everything he holds dear, the company he’s slaved to make his own in honor of the grandfather he loved!

Resigned to his fate, at least for appearances sake, Jonathan vows to find a way out of this mess, only to dig himself deeper when he meets, and falls in love with the woman of his dreams. A woman who just so happens to be the best friend of the devil herself!

Can Jonathan save himself from a loveless marriage without losing the woman of his dreams in the process?

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