Authors Spotlight: Muriel Gill

Scared Courage by Myriel Gill


Life can change in a moment. At a ripening age, Neo is forced to leave her lifestyle of luxury behind. She is living as a fugitive in a foreign country with two angry teenagers. One is angry at her mother while the son resents his father. Neo is filled with fears; she does not know how she and her children will fit-in in a new society. She also does not know how she will comfortably provide for her family on her own. Her husband had always provided for them, now she is running away from him. The very same man that once loved her now wants to kill her.

To compound her fears and troubles, the constant longing for her beloved mother, whom she left behind under a shroud of secrecy, is constantly stinging at her emotions. She is also worried about her mother’s safety. The challenges she is facing alone in a foreign country are daunting. Will she buckle under the pressure or will she grow up and face life’s challenges. Her life journey is filled with twists and turns, and every time she has to take decisions. She understands that her life is a cumulative sum of all her decisions, thus she needs to think through each decision. Her end is totally unlike anything she ever imagined.


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About the author: Muriel Gill


Muriel Gill grew up in rural South Africa and she is currently living in Pretoria, the capital. She is working for the University of South Africa. Her debut book released in 2006 was titled “The Ultimate Human Need.”



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