Authors Spotlight: Sophie A Matthews

The Thinner Blue Line by Sophie A Mathews



“I didn’t always want to be a police officer, but what a life so far.”
This short story is a true, and sometimes shocking account of Matthew’s past decade as a female officer in London’s Metropolitan Police Service.
Matthews describes the ups and downs, obstacles and challenges faced on the frontline of the streets of London, and also later on in her career as a detective in the hectic and often harsh world of crime.”

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By Jonathan Nicholas – Author TOP 1000 REVIEWER on 2 Jan. 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

A revealing insight into some aspects of policing London from a female cop’s perspective. She discusses long hours and the strain on family life, and sexism, saying it is ‘rare and difficult to excel as a full time police officer and a mother at the same time in the Met.’ Not sure some working mothers would agree, and please don’t put off your chance to be a mother because of your love for ‘the job’ . This will definitely not last, believe me, then you may have deep regrets at never having had your own children. You may love the job now but sadly it doesn’t love you back and will dispense with you when it sees fit.
The 7/7 bombings were touched on, but no doubt because the author is still serving, the reasons behind them were not. Sadly while serving, cops can never write in detail about the most important social issues, the police service being one of the most paranoid politically correct machines in Britain today. The book is interesting though, and the author clearly loves the job.
JN – 30 year cop & author of ‘Hospital Beat’


Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

I am a current serving police officer and am very aware of the past and current difficulties the job presents. Having read Miss Mathews book I feel she has produced an honest and open interpretation through her own eyes of the issues police officers face on a daily basis. I too am currently based on a Homicide team, and concur with Mathews in the male v female divide which can and does become an issue on occasions. Things are getting better, but they do take time. It is however refreshing to read a book by somebody who has the balls to write a truthful account about how it actually is. Well done Miss Mathews.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

As above this book was quite interesting but there was quite a lot of duplication and a bit to much me me me for my liking! While of course there should be some respect for the police in this book I felt a lot of superiority!


Format: Paperback

An insightful, exciting and endearing read. A well written debut book.

Format: Paperback

An easy to read, enjoyable and interesting short book.



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