Authors Spotlight: Angela Santistevan.

Katie and Siciley by Angela Santistevan.

Katie and Siciley is a taut psychological thriller. There are amazing creatures of divine character who wish no ill will upon anyone, but bravely risk their own safety and lives for those whom they must protect. There are also characters who exude madness and evil.

If you are the reader who cheers for the unlikely hero and holds your breath until the irredeemable villains are vanquished, Katie and Siciley is the perfect short story read just for you. The story will indulge your senses and extend you the experience of what true justice should look like.

In the early summer of 1979, twelve-year-old Katie Timmons joyously ventured out, early one lovely morning, to get her best friend Siciley Llewellyn.

The day was expected to be delightful by all accounts; the little girls would revel in the simple joys of the innocence of youth, play outside, frolic in nature, and simply read for the pleasure of reading.

It was a morning which was full of promise-with the simple hopes of a fun filled, innocent, and beautiful day in their little hometown of Sumter, South Carolina. However, the day took a turn for the extreme worst very quickly.

The short story of ‘Katie and Siciley’ begs the question of how long can the Universe tolerate the existence of a monster parading as a Mother?

For Siciley Llewellyn it was twelve years too long. A life time of unspeakable terror. But, by fate’s mercy Siciley’s best friend and Siciley’s Grandmother intercede to ultimately save Siciley’s life.

The moral and spiritual potential repercussions for Katie are tremendous, for many reasons, one being that Katie’s Dad is the Pastor of their little country town.

Many years later the same little girl, the Pastor’s daughter, who is now a young woman, finds that her own life and liberty are at terrible risk. And, fate dictates that a debt is to be repaid.

There is only one person close enough to Katie to do what has to be done. The legal dilemma in this predicament is epic because Katie’s one hope for ultimate salvation is from her best friend Siciley Llewellyn. And, Siciley’s father also happens to be the town’s Sherriff.

In 1979 two very different worlds collide; one of innocence, and one of the darkest imaginable evil, and several lives are forever altered.

One question lingers throughout the story, from the onset to the finish about these two little girls, where does ‘accident’ end and murder begin?

Review – Katie and Siciley

I just inhaled Katie and Siciley-it is by far the best short story I have ever read! The characters pulled me in to the point that they were like real people to me. I couldn’t stop reading because of the mystery and suspense – I had to know what was going to happen. I can’t imagine anyone not absolutely eating this story up. It is wickedly delicious!

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About The Author: Angela Santistevan.


A native of Virginia, Angela Santistevan has lived in many regions of the United States, as well as Central America. She received her education at Purdue University in Indiana. She has two previously published novels; Downfall, and Good at Being Bad. Katie and Siciley is the first short story she has published.

“I feel compelled to write. It is not a job or an obligation. I do have a muse and she is relentless.” – Angela

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