Authors Spotlight: Wally Runnels

Twisted Love by Wally Runnels.


Twisted Love. Everyone needs redemption at some point in their lives…

Archaeologist Julietta Anguilar makes the find of a lifetime when she discovers a hidden chamber under the ruins of the Templo Mejor in the heart of Mexico City. But Julietta’s obsession with the past also has a dark side – abused as a young girl, she struggles to find peace amidst chilling reminders of her dead grandfather and other even more sinister spirits whom she has awakened even as she stands on the brink of fame.

Mexico too struggles with its own sordid past, filled with political corruption, criminal overlords and moneyed dynasties. A drug cartel pays an assassin to murder Julietta’s father, a political reporter. Her search for the truth leads her on a dangerous chase deep into the underbelly, where she meets her father’s assassin – a man in black with a nefarious background. He goes by one name, Rocky. Gritty violence, soul-searing hatred, and strange fetishes make Twisted Love a fast read of macabre personalities.

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‘‘Wally Runnels is that most dangerous of sorcerers, trained, I think by some wizened bruja deep in the desert where only the most feared creatures will live: the scorpion, the rattler, the brown recluse and the dark magician. You’ll tell yourself that you don’t want to look, or you don’t want to go any further into that dark place Wally has invoked, but you will — his words are too powerful, too cunning. And you’ll come back, but you won’t be unchanged.’’

Mark Onspaugh, author of The Faceless One and Deadlight Jack

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Top Customer Reviews

I’ve read some of Wally Runnels’ short stories that are set around Mexicali, Mexico, a city on the Mexican-United States border. They’re remarkably original and entertaining to read. Now he’s written the novel-length Twisted Love, where he brings back some characters from his earlier stories, including Rocky, a professional assassin, and Hector Rosales, owner of the Tuna Club, a bar and brothel in Mexicali.

In the story, Rocky was hired by Roberto Cruz, a captain in the State Police, to murder a newsletter editor who was about to expose Cruz’s crooked dealings. In a separate storyline, the editor’s daughter Julietta, an archeologist, has just made a major discovery at an Aztec site she’s been exploring. The two storylines converge and finally meet in a most unlikely way as the violence explodes, with Cruz doing everything he can to save himself. With all this going on, add some supernatural Aztec spirits that Julietta has unwittingly unleashed, and the story races toward a thrilling climax.

Two thumbs up for Twisted Love.

on August 27, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition
From word one, this novel grips and shakes you with its unique descriptions and its velvet use of terror. Sample the opening: “The pervasive wood smoke of Mexico City created an orange midday glow. Death. Its challenging presence rode hot thermal wavelets, making the ground quiver.” The hero is ruthless and passionate, the heroine driven, ambitious, and loyal, even to those who corrupted and used her. Everyone holds secrets, even the dead, and it’s a race to see who will survive the revelations of those dark, devastating truths.
on February 19, 2017
Format: Paperback
A no holes barred, gritty crime drama set against in Mexicali, Mexico. Rocky, a one-armed assassin and ex-marine works for anyone if the price is right. But he’s also a man with a conscience. Feared by his employers and victims alike, Rocky’s current mission is to dispose of a tiresome newspaper editor who threatens to expose the corrupt deals of Roberto Cruz, a captain in the State Police. Faced paced, this novel has plenty of twists and turns to satisfy the most ardent crime novel reader.

About The Author: Wally Runnels.


Wally Runnels is a first-generation Californian whose ranch at the Mexi-Cali border was first deeded in the 1870’s. Growing up at the border and traveling extensively through Mexico and Latin America has given Runnels a unique perspective on the complex web of humanity who lives in this region and better than most, he knows you just can’t paint everyone with the same broad brush. People will surprise you and truth is a tricky beast.

Besides Twisted Love and a string of related Rocky stories and novellas, Runnels is at work on another series, this one set in WWII and based on a true story about the Nazi obsession with occult powers. Keep an eye out for the Dispatches from the Wolfenkrieg trilogy coming out in 2017. He is also in the forthcoming Forsaken anthology edited by Mark Onspaugh and Joe McKinney, coming early next year from renowned horror publishers Cemetery Dance.

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