Authors Spotlight: Angie Dokos

Mackenzie’s Distraction by Angie Dokos.


Mackenzie’s Distraction is about a young lady trying to get her life on the right track. She was a wild child and is now trying to make it right. She thinks she’s finally getting there and then someone close to her ends up in a coma, then a long kept family secret is revealed. Just when she thinks it couldn’t get worse, she meets Trevor. They become friends, but then it gets complicated. Will Trevor be just what she needs or will he be what pushes her back to her old bad habits?

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Top Customer Reviews.

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This is really a good read and very enjoyable. I connected with the characters right away and felt they were well developed. The book starts off with a tragedy that involves her parents and some secrets come out. Joshua and Mackenzie have to go through so much and I felt bad that she seemed to get hit with everything all at once. Now she’s at a point in her life where she has to make some choices and changes.Pick a path and see which one fits for her. I find her spunk incredibly charming, yet in many ways she seems a little timid and emotional. I really enjoyed the story of Trevor and Mackenzie. But what a great story. The flow and pacing were spot on and held your attention. Pulled at my heart strings. My only complaint with this story is I wanted more. I was not ready to reach the last page. I wanted to know more.

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Although not my usual genre, “Mackenzie’s Distraction” was an interesting, exciting read. I loved the message instilled in this book that sometimes a tragic, negative event in someone’s life can sometimes lead to many positives going forward that would not have been available otherwise. There is very much a favorable, glass half full theme to this story that will make even the most somber readers very happy. The author did a wonderful job of creating an escalating flow and rhythm to the characters relationships and how they evolved. Well done..

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

This is a sweet story about love and the fear of losing love. It takes on a journey of a young woman who desperately wants to be loved, but feel she is not good enough or worthy of love. You also feel her struggles as she deals with her mother who was in a serious accident. All in all, this is a good romantic, learning to forgive one’s self of their past, and moving on to a brighter future.

Format: Paperback

This book tells a story about young Mackenzie who has a wonderful family. One day her life is turned upside down. She is upset about her mother’s accident and SECRET that were kept from her and she doesn’t understand why? No one told her especially Jessica! She trying heard to come to peace with everything but instead she is pushing everyone away. Finding new friendship and love freaks her even more. All in All it’s an interesting book. !Different! Thank You Angie Dokos I enjoyed it.

Format: Kindle Edition

Great read. I really enjoyed this book. It felt real and the characters were all developed well. At first I thought there might be too many side characters, but the author does a great job of building a community around the main characters. If you want a HEA with great characters this book is for you.

Mackenzie is a girl who seems like she is at a crossroads in her life. She has a past(although nothing too overwhelming) that keeps her from letting her commit. She is a girl next door with some spunk. She holds her ground but she can also be vulnerable.

I loved the way Trevor was introduced to the story. I didn’t know where the author was taking the story at first, but a quickly found out, and I enjoyed the ride. Trevor is a good looking man with a heart of gold. I loved that there wasn’t any horrible past or issues. He is just a great guy who falls for a girl, who has to decide if she is willing to take a chance.

Call it chance, fate, or destiny… but Mackenzie and Trevor are brought together by a terrible accident. I enjoyed reading their journey together towards healing and happiness.

Go ahead and one click this book. Great first novel. I look forward to more from this author. She really has a way with building characters and making the story come to life.

About The Author : Angie Dokos.

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Angie Dokos grew up in a small town in the North Georgia Mountains and now lives in Woodstock, Georgia with her husband and children. She’s loved books and the outdoors for as long as she can remember. She says when she wasn’t reading, she was being read to. She wrote stories as a child, preteen dramas while in middle school and teenage fantasies in high school. She loves to travel, but doesn’t get to do it enough. She has worked in the office for the same manufacturing company since 1999. In 2014, she and her teenage daughter started a school project which eventually led to her publishing her New Adult Romance novel, Mackenzie’s Distraction.

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