Reviewers,Publishers and other helpful support for Indie Authors.

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Davis Publishing Company was founded on March 10, 2016, by husband and wife team Josh and Patricia “Pat” Davis after they developed a shared interest in joining the ranks of independent publishers due to Josh’s status as a freelance ghostwriter, and his knowledge of the independent electronic publishing industry. This allows him to be the public face of the company, as well as the only signed talent to the roster of DPC. Patricia, on the other hand, is very experienced in the fields of Mental Health as well as Business Administration and handles the day-to-day operations of DPC.

This young, motivated couple shares the vision to turn Davis Publishing Company from a small start-up in Appomattox, VA into the premier source for high-quality electronic publications in a variety of niches and genres. Make sure to be on the look out for upcoming titles in the “How-TO, Survival” niche, as well as the “Paranormal Romance” niche.

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