Poetic Whispers From Around The World.


Why be a silent poet? When the world is in your hands!


Poetic Whispers from around the World,

This  page is to  encourage aspiring poets  to publish their poetry  for free. I try to help out any Indie author of any genre  to promote themselves through my pages. I hope this page can be as successful as my “Authors Spotlight” page, (GO ON! Take a look, click here)

The first poet featured is:

Sandra K, an Aspiring poet from the beautiful country of Coatia.

Follow Sandra on Twitter click here

Sandra has helped to encourage me with this  page, she has also helped with the page name.

Thankyou Sandra for all your support and encouragement!

Any poets who wish to have poetry featured upon this page please email:

d.mayall@live .co.uk

Use the subject title “Poetic Whispers.”

Those Three Words by Sandra K.

three words

Those Three Words.

And before I close my eyes,

and you come to me in my dreams,

I  will whisper,

so no one could hear,

those three words quietly,


And as long as my heart beats,

I will  love you…

By Sandra K.


 Grains of Time by David Mayall.


Grains of Time.

Broken glass,

Shattered ball,

Grains of time,

Cascade and fall.


Stuttering hearts,

A needful sigh,

Salt spilled tears,

Question why.


From broiling cloud,

A turmoil swarm,

Within its demons,

Despair is born.


From beneath the ashes,

Adorning bright,

Displaying in beauty,

A calming light.


Her strength,

Her power,

Heals me whole,

With pride,

With passion,

Eclipse my soul.


At cerulean eyes,

I stare,

I gaze,

Awestruck  wonder,

Complete to,



Of all the souls,

You join,

Its mine,

As life flows out,

Its grains of time.

By David Mayall.


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