Authors Spotlight: Justin Kauer

The Road Back To Effulgia Trilogy Book 1 by Justin Kauer.

The Legend Of The Slave King.

Slave King Blue

As we each begin our individual quests in life and try to figure out who we really are in our heart of hearts — who it is that God knows we may become — most of us are given a name by which we will be known throughout our lives. So, what is in a name, what happens when it is lost, and what dangers does such an occurrence present? Don’t let the light-hearted humor distract you; there is deep meaning to be found in this book and series! Be prepared for a life-changing experience, for, you are about to enter into the fireside chat of the old king as he begins the to tell the Legend of the Slave King. Witness as close friends and family gather after sharing a meal and the characters of the story come alive, dancing in the flames of the campfire. Tales of bravery and treachery, good and evil, as well as romance and disenchantment become emblazoned on the minds and hearts of those who watch and listen. Learn of Alban, a young prince who was sold into slavery. Without so much as any memory of who he is (and because of his memory loss), rumors begin to fly in the camp that he may actually be the Slave King of whom it was foretold generations ago. Alban toys with the idea, but only to figure out whom he may trust. The daughter of the owner of the slaver company, for instance, crosses his path and sparks begin to fly!

Still, there are the visions that he’s having and the deeply seeded longing to do God’s will. Will he be able to remember or at least find out who betrayed and sold him? Will he figure out how to escape from the slaver’s caravan? Is he actually the Slave King from the legend? Begin your adventure now!

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Top Customer Reviews

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This intriguing story features characters who will probably reappear in the series, hopefully. There are slave traders, thieves, a beautiful girl, and a mysterious young slave who lost his memory. Readers catch glimpses of the past and future, as Alban (the young slave) tries to regain his memories. Alban’s character draws people into his circle of friends, but his fighting skills and strong belief in God surprise all who meet him. The story takes Alban into a strange green desert where danger lurks and friendships are tested. This introduction to the series will captivate fantasy readers and make them want more.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Epic fantasy with a lyrical slave king. In general, I find this type of fantasy irritating. I think it’s going to be a fun fantasy, once we get there. It’s quite entertaining. But this is definitely the obscure intro to a triple trilogy. Nine books? That’s epic.

A lyrical slave king seems like fun

But like many lyrical fantasies, it is more taken up with witty dialogue, cool characters, a labyrinth of hints of a world and a tale than it is in the actual telling of the story. There’s a lot of good stuff here, but this is more like an extended prologue which never arrives at clarity.

Spiritually, it is two-star with promise

The spiritual content is like the story being told: many hints, some hopeful signs, but no clarity. There is not a savior, yet. So, it is not Christian, maybe Mormon. Yet, several of the relationships seem to leading toward true faith—maybe. There’s quite a bit of promise, but no realizations yet.


Format: Kindle Edition

Wow, Just Wow! It kept me captivated the whole time, reminded me of the five kingdoms book 1 -By Brandon Mull- and The shadow taker -By Blane M. Yorganson- it really kept me turning pages! Mr. Kauer has wrote something that will stay on my shelves for a LONG time 🙂


Format: Kindle Edition

This was such a fun book full of adventure and action. I loved that it was fast paced and is an intriguing story that keeps you entertained the entire time. A lot of thought and attention went into creating this fantasy world and back story. Would definitely recommend.

The Road Back To Effulgia Trilogy Book 2 by Justin Kauer.

The Hope Of Eternal Springs.

Eternal Springs - Recovered

Having a pure source of power can make all of the difference in the lives of those who are downtrodden, forgotten, rejected, and ridiculed. However, clinging to that power can prove to be a difficult task, indeed.

The action picks up right where “The Legend of the Slave King” left off. Joan and Alban must face the scorching sands of the desert known as the Verdis Gran Secas and the flowers that grow there. Easy task? Not even close! In the process of trying to get free of the desert, Alban has uncovered a plot by Decebal to use his slaver caravan as a front to smuggle odd weaponry to the Darvanian Empire. Now, with Darvanian soldiers possibly closing in on them and a dwindling supply of water, Alban and Joan need help from above more than ever.

About The Author: Justin Kauer.

justin bio pic

Born under the blue skies of Idaho, Justin Kauer grew up a country boy. After high school, he represented Christ as he served a two-year mission in the Washington, D.C. area where he learned Spanish. Upon returning from his mission, he returned to his studies at Rick College (now BYU-Idaho) and then went on to ISU.

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