Authors Spotlight: Kimberly Grell

Christmas With A Stranger. by Kimberly Grell(OUT NOW!)

chr strang

Deborah is a young woman whose family decided to spend Christmas in the tropics instead of in the wintry cold of New England. She stayed behind because Christmas just isn’t Christmas without the cold and snow. A week before Christmas and the now quiet house had given way for loneliness and a dim Christmas spirit, a stranger comes along, giving her exactly what she needed for the Christmas season.

Full of lighthearted moments, Christmas spirit and romance, this Novella is sure to satisfy and warm the heart just in time for Christmas.

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Top Customer Reviews

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Very interesting story and it grabs your imagination. I extremely enjoyed this book and I’m intriqued with her writing ability. I am going to wait patiently for her next book.

The romance part of the story was captivating and refreshing, as well as holding my interest from start to finish. There was also fun comedic bits dispersed evenly throughout the book that made me chuckle for awhile. It ended sweetly with the sudden progression into the relationship with the main characters. The way the author described the kiss scene in the book moved me in many ways. She brought the characters together in a loving way.

In conclusion, this book is a wonderful addition to anyone’s collection of romance and holiday books. THIS IS A KEEPER!

Format: Kindle Edition

While romance stories aren’t exactly my thing this story had me grasped by the collar for hours until I had finished it. It was thrilling but at the same time it was believable. Something you could relate to in a sense. Everyone has had those Christmases where it just didn’t feel right and because of that you can relate to Deborah. This tale really hits home with whomever reads it. I couldn’t put it down.

On That Autumn Day. by Kimberly Grell(Available to pre-order!)


When Faith and Aaron meet at the County Fair, little did they realize that their lives and interest in each other would soon be entangled in a much more complicated situation.

Brimming with lighthearted moments, comedic scenes and a touch of drama, this dramatic romance is sure quench that romance thirst! This book is part of a festive and seasonal batch of romance stories that are sure to heat you up or keep you cozy amid blustery days. Kick back and relax with some good ole fashioned romance. It’s sure to get your festive flame lit!

Top Customer Reviews

on October 4, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition
When you have an insanely busy schedule, it is hard to find a bit of “me time” to sit down with a good book. Several weeks had passed by, and I had only gotten to chapter three, due to my schedule, but last night once I finished chapter three I lost two and a half hours. I was captivated by On That Autumn Day. I had kept saying, “just a few more pages then I will go to bed.” It was 12:52am when I finished the wonderful novel! It is hard for me usually do that. I am one that will read a few pages then go to bed. This book grabbed a hold of me and didn’t let go. My husband, who was happily watching Netflix next to me, was even surprised at how fast I was burning through this book.

The novel was well written and gave you an inside view to a sweet couple that fate intended to be together. It was not short on sweet and surprising twists and turns to keep you hooked, and sent your own rollercoaster of emotions flowing. Grell made me smile, laugh, cry, and kept me on edge with shock and surprise. The sweet and witty banter between the characters made you feel as if you were in their shoes. The scenery within the book, put you down right in the middle of that autumn season that was filled with romance.

My only issue with the book, I was expecting more moments of passion, but as a sweet, romantic read the book did not disappoint! I would recommend this book to any lover of romance. I hope to see more from these two characters!

on September 2, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition
Reading this book will put a smile on your face. It is an innocent romantic love story. The writer did an amazing job describing the details in seasons changing/ environment around the characters. As well as the details to Faith’s appearance and how she feels. Faith and I have alot incommon thats because the writer kept it simple and very realistic including the story lines which will give your brain a chance to picture more if youre seeking for more without any restrictions. It is something I really like. The couple’s love story is adorable. A little bit of comedy and seriousness here and there. Perfect for an afternoon reading. Highly recommend it.

About Kimberly Grell.

kimberley grell

Kimberly Grell is a mother to one child and currently resides in the sunny state of Florida. Kimberly writes a vast amount of poetry and romance that is satisfying and contains a great reread value. You can also find her on Twitter at the Twitter handle @KimmieLovesLife, Facebook under Kimberly Grell – Author Page and Instagram with the username BriansDisneyGal, where you can have a sneak peek into her professional life as well as a small portion of her personal life.

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