Authors Spotlight : Jacquelyn Wiles.

Don’t Trust A Stranger by Jacquelyn Wiles.

Have you ever wanted to be with someone so bad, that you would put up with anything? You always took them back because they said sorry? Julia was almost that girl! She ended up using her head instead of her heart and that might be the one thing that saved her life. Never settle for less than you deserve!

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Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

~3.5/5 Stars

In this story, Julia, our protagonist has her heart broken by her boyfriend of three years, James, when he cheats on her with her friend. Devastated, Julia slips into a deep depression in which there seems to be no cure. After a suicide attempt, her family is concerned for her well-being and has her checked into a mental hospital for a few months. She begins to recover over time, especially after hearing the news that her sister, Sam, is pregnant.

After Julia is released from the hospital, she feels well enough to try dating again, especially after her sister starts to date a guy named Tommy. She creates an online profile to try and get herself back into the world, and that’s when she meets Jack, the worst mistake of her life.

I thought this story was pretty compelling, but in most places, it feels rushed. I would’ve loved this story a lot more if the author had taken the time to expand a few scenes such as when Julia was in the hospital and the transition of Jack’s feelings toward her. Also, the formatting in some places is a bit weird which drew me away from the story in a few places.

All in all, I thought Don’t Trust a Stranger was a good quick read to warn about the dangers of domestic violence.

Format: Paperback

“Don’t Trust A Stranger” by Jacqueline Wiles is one of those rare stories that captivates you from beginning to end. It is a story of heartbreak, confidence, self-discovery…and who you can really trust. The story follows the main character after a bad break-up with a beloved boyfriend who has betrayed her. After battling with depression and eventually overcoming it, the main character decides to try the dating world again and ends up with a man who seems charming, kind, generous, and possibly her perfect match…

Though you might know someone extremely well, this story shows how people can have a much different, darker side than what they portray. This enthralling story has many lessons to be learned and will stay in my memory forever. I started this book and could not put it down. I hope there is a sequel that I can read soon! Thank you Jaqueline for an exciting and dangerous story that left me wanting more! The author also has a Twitter account that I follow. She has such inspiring, motivating words! Go follow her there here: @writer_j (Jackie Lynn).

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

This debut book, by Jackie Wiles, was meant from the start to help people avoid bad relationships and situations. That is admirable and for that reason I gave some stars. It is a difficult process and intimidating publishing your own work. With that said, the plot was not easy to follow, nor the timeline. I was very distracted by typesetting and formatting issues which resulted in loss of focus. I thought the author was descriptive and imaginative in her writing and you can tell she is proud of her work! This was a fast read where one can finish in an hour or less! I think her second volume will be even better than the first 🙂

About Jacquelyn Wiles.

jackie wiles bio pic

Jacquelyn Wiles lives in Davenport, Iowa with her son Jordan. She works full time during the day and writes all night. When she isn’t writing she is always thinking of ways to improve her stories! In school, her best subject was english. It just comes naturally to her.

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