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Risen. By M.T.Miller

In the middle of nowhere, a nameless individual rises from the dark. With barely any knowledge apart from how to speak and how to kill, he finds himself in a world gone mad. Worse off, nearly everything that moves is out for his blood. Not knowing where to turn, the wanderer traverses the desolate landscape of a ruined continent. Along his travels, his mind and body are pushed to their limits as he desperately tries to make sense of what is going on, what he is, and why he exists. Foe after foe meets their end at his hands, yet each kill only serves to raise more questions. Is he even human? What has happened to the world? Where does his path lead? The answer lies beyond the blood-stained horizon.

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Customer Reviews.

on April 18, 2016
Well written for the genre, though I would tell the author to slow down a bit. Let us enjoy and savor the ride you’ve crafted for us. Graphic and visceral, it’s a dark thriller that uses themes I found pretty unique. All in all an entertaining read.
on March 15, 2016
★ ★ ★ 1/2 (rounded up)
This originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader book blog.

This kicks off with one of my favorite first chapters in months. Sure, it only takes a second or two to know what’s going on in it, but it’s really well done, even if it isn’t a mystery (I’m not sure it was supposed to be, but it seemed that way). Risen grabbed me right off and didn’t let go until the end.
Our protagonist is suffering some sort of amnesia — he doesn’t know who he is, where he is — even when he is. He finds himself in a city that’s definitely seen better days. It’s pretty much the poster child for dystopian ruins — Chicago in Divergent, for example. But with fewer people (maybe).He enlists the assistance of a homeless man to guide him through both the culture and geography of this city and the surrounding. They encounter a street gang that seems to run just about all the city, a severely under-staffed church that seems to be just about the only place in town not run by the gang, and an extended family (of sorts) that lives outside the city.

And by “encounter,” on the whole, I’m speaking of the violent type. Nameless remembers very little, but he seems to remember how to fight. Each fight does tell us a little more about the world and Nameless, so they’re not just fun bits of gratuitous violence.

There’s some supernatural stuff going on (not just in this city, but on the other side of the country), possibly Spiritual forces (in the religious sense), and . . . who knows what all, really?

All this is told with grim humor and a strong narrative voice that keeps the reader engaged in the story and characters — not just in the “I wonder what’s going on in this strange world” kind of way. Even knowing practically nothing about Nameless (making me a lot like him), I liked him as a character and want to read more about him.

My one complaint is length — just about everything is too short. The story is too short, most of the scenes are, too. But I’m pretty sure that’s just my wanting more for myself — to give us longer scenes would ruin the pacing, would mess with the way Miller’s constructing the series. And really, when you get down to it “I wanted more!” is more of a compliment than a complaint — but I’m calling it one nonetheless.

A fast, gripping read that’ll leave you wanting more. A perfect little palate-cleanser between heavy reads. I’m eagerly waiting for further adventures of Nameless and finding out more about him and his world.

Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of <b>Risen</b> by the author in exchange for an honest (and, it turns out, over a month overdue) review.

on February 11, 2016

I was scared that this was going to be another book about zombies, after all, it does start with a man rising from a grave. But thankfully, it’s not. While the action writing was well done with the first scene, I felt it could have been shortened a bit… only so I could get more of a later scene when The Nameless is being held by cannibals.

I don’t want to say too much about the story line, since finding out what is going to happen next is what makes this book so thrilling. It has an old west feel set in an apocalyptic new world. After the first scene it becomes very fast paced, and I was a bit sad when I got to the end, because I wanted more. But you know it was a good book when the author leaves you with this feeling.

Really looking forward to the next book in the Nameless Chronicles, and seeing what else M.T. Miller will write.

on February 8, 2016
This was a great little book. It moves along quickly and keeps throwing new things at you. The atmosphere and the two main characters are pretty good as well, and the ending packs a punch. My only complaint is that it’s not any longer. But then that’s what sequels are for.
on February 5, 2016
A man digs himself out of the grave and is immediately attacked by strange creatures. He fights them off and his journey begins as he travels through a desolate world, trying to figure out what has happened and what he is.
I enjoyed the story, it kept me reading as Nameless tried to work out what was happening. The world was well described and I would recommend this book.
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on January 29, 2016
A thoroughly amusing read that delivers on every level.
The book is tightly paced, not too short and not too long.
I’ll be waiting for a sequel.
on January 27, 2016

This is a quick read about a man who wakes up from the grave. He is originally trapped under the ground when he wakes up and needs to crawl out. Nameless doesn’t know what is going on in the world any longer or where he is. So when the book first starts it jumps right into the action and might be confusing to the reader, but once the book gets going you are able to pick up more and more of what is going on. As a reader I was able to feel comfortable with the writing style after the first few chapters.

The author sticks close to the original concept of Nameless not knowing what is going on as you basically learn as the narrator/main character learns what is going on. The book is very fast paced and does cover a lot of ground in a short period of time. The book makes you want to keep reading to learn exactly what is going on in the world and what is up with Nameless.

The book sets it self up really well for a squeal to be produced, I will be on the lookout to find out what is going to happen next!

on January 20, 2016
After a somewhat slow start, Risen picks up pace and doesn’t let go until the end. There is plenty of action, and the dialogue is razor sharp.
I will not spoil anything, as a good part of the charm lies in the mystery, but the main character is as original of an anti-hero as one can be. The old bum is also an intriguing character, very unusual. The story is coherent, and the writing quality is great.
If you are a fan of apocalyptic fiction, or just enjoy action with snappy dialogue and dark humor, then give this a shot.

About The Author.


In order to deal with everyday boredom, M. T. Miller decided to give a voice to the horrors that lurk in his mind. Risen, his first work, is a celebration of things he likes: a grim atmosphere, witty dialogue, and eccentric characters. He lives with his fiancée, somewhere outside of what we perceive as civilization. He enjoys long talks, video games, and spending time up in the clouds.



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