Authors Spotlight: Pat McDonald.

A Penny For Them by Pat McDonald


‘A Penny for Them’ by Pat McDonald

Benjamin Matthews is the hapless hero with the innocent face of an angel and only two GCEs in chemistry and history. At the vast age of thirty, he has not yet found his niche in life, but has drifted along performing a series of jobs that always go wrong. There couldn’t be many companies or businesses left that haven’t been dissolved or he hasn’t been made redundant from.

Once again an out of work Ben is back down the pub nursing the one pint of beer her can afford, when he has the chance meeting with Rebecah, a nymphomaniac and the beautiful daughter of a failed politician who is one of the most successful villains in his hometown. His luck begins to change, whether it’s for the better remains to be seen.

But if lying should ever become an art form, Ben would succeed, because people believe in his honest face. From his very first white lie (about his name being Benjamin Pollock), he digs himself in deeper and deeper, realising that it is important to be considered a Pollock.

Even he has to admit that he is rather good at lying. Ben finds he has a talent for being a criminal, going from strength to strength, and taking Daisy Productions (which he markets as a diet product) to new heights. But will his latest business venture follow the usual pattern and fail? Will his fabrications be the end of him?

A Penny for Them takes a humorous look at crime from the viewpoint of the criminal.

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About Pat McDonald.

Since the age of 15 years British Crime author Pat McDonald has wanted to write fiction. She has been writing fiction full time since 2011 and published her first crime novel Getting Even: Revenge is Best Served Cold in early 2012. What was meant to be a one off from her experiences working in the Criminal Justice System turned into a trilogy which she called The Blue Woods Trilogy (because of an over active imagination at disposal of bodies!) with all three book covers depicting blue woods! Her seventeen years working for a British Police force as a researcher, project manager and programme manager has held her in good stead for her knowledge base, although having a difficulty ending a story she found that numerous endings took her on to write the second and the third. Pat is intrigued by odd-ball characters that she observes from a real life pursuit of ‘people watching’ and introduces elements of these into her fictitious characters. Most of her trilogy was written sitting in a café at her local garden centre where she could write and watch the world go by.

Wanting to move away from just crime and examine other genre led her to take a character from her first novel that dropped out of that plot and to examine what happened to her. Pat is a ‘free flow’ writer who does not plan her novels, but lets them emerge as she writes; hence she wanted to find out what happened to Livia Morrison after she escaped to Dubai from a past she would sooner forget. The result is a paranormal ghostly story about stalking set in North Wales, UK when Livia returns and tries to hide in plain sight. There is an element of WW1 history that comes back to haunt her in ‘Breaking Free.’

The book was almost complete when Pat was diagnosed with a brain tumour in February 2015 which she had removed in April last year, using Breaking Free to finish and edit and with social media learnt once again to write and type. During the convalescence she wrote her latest book ‘A Penny for Them’ which is her first attempt at humour. “I wanted to keep my spirits up and preserve my sense of humour; it was meant as an aide to my recovery, but a comedic writer friend said he enjoyed it immensely so it was published early in 2016 and dedicated to ‘Hamish my tumour, without whom I would never have tried humour’.”

Although Pat tries other genre most of her stories have some element of crime. Her latest book ‘Echoes of Doubt’ takes another character Bartholomew Bridges who entered the Witness Protection Programme during the third of her trilogy ‘Boxed Off’ and became a clockmaker. “I began this book when some very strange things began to happen to me. At midnight on New Year’s Eve/Day (2015-16) I was woken from sleep by my mobile’s alarm and lay listening to the sound of the fireworks that heralded in the New Year.” This was unusual because the alarm wasn’t set and the time wasn’t recorded. Since then the book has proceeded with all the strangeness that mirrors the odd events that keep happening to her and is almost complete. It also reflects Pat’s own interest in horology which is why it is set in a clockmaker’s shop and the seaside town (fictitious) was a good setting for some curious murders to take place.

Of course, Book 2, The Penny Drops is also underway….just to find out what happens to Benjamin Matthews aka Pollock!!

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If this is Pat’s first attempt at humour, it’s long overdue. Let’s hope it isn’t her last. Believable, well rounded characters, Some really good luck and some really bad luck. An accurate gauge of a great book is how much time you spend reading it with your mouth wide open. Well my inflatable woman impression is coming on in leaps and bounds. Compelling and entertaining read. More please!

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