Authors Spotlight Introduction


The Authors Spotlight.

I currently run a blog page titled “Authors Spotlight.” It is designed for authors from all genres to place and promote their work, either newly released or coming soon projects.

This is a free and genuine offer that works upon the principle, I promote you and your work and in return you promote me and my work.

I am new to social media but through my personal touch I have established a healthily growing community of 4000 followers and rising. Through helping you gain exposure, it helps me gain exposure and builds my writers platform.

You can view my twitter @writerdmayall click here

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Also you can check out the pages that I already have published upon

To find work featured on My Authors Spotlight. click here!

What I require: –

As much promotional information upon your book / project that you can provide. The spotlight page can only be as good  as the material  you supply. So book graphics / front cover designs, author’s bio and pic, author’s inspiration for the book, book blurbs and blog links, Amazon links any other links you deem important etc. All of this material is classed as yours and all accreditation is linked back to you. The only credit I get is your appreciation and continuous retweets and mentions to increase the sites’ growing exposure.


I am trying to support fellow authors and hope you will support me.

At no point will I ask for money, I’m not looking for financial gain. I only wish to increase my exposure within the writing community! All of this is in preparation for the laborious task of submitting query letters for my novel “The Degradation of Innocence.”

If this appeals to anybody please email. and use the subject title “Authors Spotlight.”

Many Thanks,


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