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Antique Typewriter
Antique Typewriter

Six Unusual Tips For Every Writer

1. Read A LOT
Read widely and voraciously until you’ve read so much your brain runs out of space for all the words and you’re so invigorated your own story practically writes itself.

2. Study your influences
Who’s your favourite author? If you’re anything like us you don’t understand this question because there are too many! But when writing, it’s worth making a list of those books you really loved (even back to childhood) and why they stood out over others. Are there themes you’re drawn to over and over? Are characters developed in a way that you particularly admire? Settings that are never tired? Understand your influences, understand your storytelling.

3. Seek out your idols
It’s a little worn as advice goes but following your favourite authors on writers’ haven Twitter, may inspire you and your stories in unpredictable ways.

4. Be creative
If writing has become a bit of a chore, mash it up with other artistic or creative hobbies. Sketch your characters, build a collage of your setting, act out dialogue with a trusted friend, write a scene in crayon. Might sound daft but by using your hands, you’re engaging with your creative self and your writing voice will start speaking up in fear of missing out on all the fun.

5. Make quality time
If you listen, you’ll hear many authors discuss how they don’t enjoy being pulled away from their latest work for too long. Writing time is a priority. What a novel idea! Spend time daily with your words (reading, deleting, editing, tinkering etc.) and reconnect with the reason you chose THIS story above all others.

6. Find a connection
Any author will tell you that meeting other writers and book-lovers is essential to progressing on what is essentially a very solitary path. Whether that means joining a writing group, attending readings at your local library or publishing events around town, your writing can go along way just be being around like-minded others.


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